Design For Emotion book site launches

After a several months of development, I’m pleased to announce the launch of Trevor Van Gorp‘s new book site, Based on the theme from, I helped Trevor redevelop it with a new style and theme while still maintaining the visual connection to AD.

The backend is still WordPress, and works around the same concept as the AD theme, with a few improvements here and there. A number of recent innovations in WordPress will come in handy for next time round however. Featured images help simplify associated a thumbnail with a particular post or page, and content types allow you to separate calendar dates from blog posts within the UI.

One thing I noticed first on this particular WordPress install was that Dreamhost likes to turn off post versioning (presumably to save on database storage, and since disabling it inside wp-config.php is hidden from the user, most people would never notice its absence). However, when you are looking for post versioning and can’t find it, double check that it’s not disabled in your wp-config.php. You might want to turn it on now just in case!

Be sure to check out the Design for Emotion for details on the book and your chance to be involved in the creation of the book.