TV Wall on display at EIA

As part of the McLuhan Centenary 2011, the Vintage TV Wall is now on display in the departures area at Edmonton’s International Airport. The Wall plays back a variety of clips from McLuhan’s legacy, encouraging patrons to reflect on his well-known themes of “the medium is the message” and “the global village”.

Originally put together to promote the final Wave installation, the TV wall was shown at the Cool Media event at the Art Gallery of Alberta. TVs and equipment were contributed from Kevin Lau’s personal collection, and content and design were my responsibility. The display case created for the airport was put together by Cezary Gajewski, an industrial designer at the University of Alberta.

The display is in the domestic departures area past security, so you’ll need to take a flight sometime between now and November. After that it will be viewable in Enterprise Square downtown until January, alongside the final Wave installation.

Be sure to check out the Flickr set I’ve posted of the entire process, along with a video or two on the YouTube channel.