Whiteboard of the Week – 5 & 6

Last week I was a bit busy, so the results were a bit lame, but I came up with this shortly afterwards. We’ll call this “5.” 

Basically Kevin was complaining about how HP wizards would not extract files until it saw a printer around. I imagined the files in a kennel looking for printers for it to spend time with. Kevin is hitting it with a stick demanding they come out.


Onto this week: my parents were off living the Italian lifestyle for a bit, and my sister and I were left to our own devices. Here’s a summary of what happened (Guest author: Laura):


There is quite a bit going on here. Clockwise from top left: 

  • jFish dies
  • Laura hands out juice boxes to trick-or-treaters after running out of pencils. They are in fact, happier.
  • We stock the house with organic eggs.
  • Purolator guy shows up with a bunch of boxes (“Mom boxes”) and asks to use the washroom. My sister cautiously permits.
  • We go for breakfast for with my Grandpa, and I get my last pancake “to go” (Hey! It would be a waste not to eat it! I had it for lunch today.)
  • Opa tells of chasing Oma and her boyfriend’s Volkswagen. (Random!)
  • Food choices included pizza pops and soy loaf. My sister couldn’t find any real bread at superstore apparently.
  • Laura brings home jack-o-latterns, they are composted after Halloween. That should work.
  • Derrick shows up before Laura comes home the day that Joel decides he’s going to play piano for the first time in more than a year. He reads the newspaper until Laura gets home.
  • Joel learns how to do laundry. Later he observes the instructions on the machine. 
Of course other things happened but this was the overall summary. Until next week!