The New Handheld on the Block

So lately I've been reading way too much of "43Folders": and becoming increasingly frustrated with my Axim X51v and my various syncronization methods.

I've noticed that I've been having the need to write things down. I'll be doing something, and I'll have an idea, or realization, and need to write it down right away. No problem, pull out the Axim X51v, hit the note button and away we go.

However there is a problem with this. The screen has been getting a bit scratched or maybe it's just a piece of junk, and the digitizer doesn't align with the screen anymore. Plus the usual problem of "don't let your hand touch the screen or it will blow up the pen stroke." So overall, writing notes is completely inefficient on a stylus touch screen.

But what about when you do get that note in there? Well it will site in my Notes folder or crowd my Documents folder with such descriptive names as "Note1.awd" and "Note2.awd." Of course the reasonable thing to do would be to simply properly name these notes, but isn't the whole point of making a handwritten note so that you don't have to use the ridiculous onscreen keyboard, or worse: the character recognizer?

So what I end up having is a dozen "NoteX"s that I never actually look at other than once a month, and the ideas die off and I usually can't recall what I meant by the note in the first place.

So it comes down to, what do I even use my Axim for? Sometimes I'll use it for checking mail or browsing the web when I don't have my MacBook on me (which is increasingly rare during the school year) or for keeping track of my calendar. The problem is, the calendar doesn't exactly work very well. Because I'm too cheap to buy OggSync Paid, I can't sync more than one calendar. As I get busier, I would like to seperate things like TV shows, School, Church, and Work into different calendars, as usually I end up with an overloaded Agenda that can't even be seen in it's entirety in the calendaring application.

So how do we solve this? We eliminate the Axim. With the soon to arrive iPod (Which is a blog topic in itself), I will have my entire calendar in it's seperated glory in full color. I'll be able to see my events in the future. As for Adding events, I keep a notepad on me at all times. (I happen to have a nice pleather Dell one, so I still feel like I'm carrying my Axim with me.) Every night I write down my agenda for the next day, and leave a space for new events that need to be added that pop up throughout the day.

I can also write down any thoughts I have, draw diagrams, doodle, and it's 100% crash proof. Now that's thinking like Merlin Mann.