Leopard a bit ducky?

Well, I'm waiting for Leopard to (re-)install and surprisingly (or not) couldn't think of anything to do while I'm waiting. So I decided to blog, here in IE6.

You're probably wondering why I'm REinstalling Leopard. I just finished installing Leopard, and was enjoying some of the greater unadvertised features or bug fixes, what ever you want to call them. First off I noticed right away that my MacBook speakers were back up to par with some of the other laptops. Many many people were crying on the forums about how the MacBook's dinky speakers delivered lame-o sound, and it looks like Leopard resolves this issue. Yay! No more distortion with iTunes pre-amping.

Photobooth background effects are also cool.

That's all I tried out until I started to realize that it wasn't really getting up to speed. Usually computers take a few Application launches and other time to load and cache stuff, but it definately wasn't doing this. In fact, it was freezing. Spotlight was MDS'ing it up in the corner, and was occupying all my CPU.

Now after reading all about how Leopard was much faster, thanks to it's more multithreaded processes etc, I was thinking, wasn't this the exact problem they were trying to fix? Process hanging on single core-ness?

So then I look down in Activity Monitor, and sure enough only one of my cores are doing any work. That's odd. Maybe just an activity monitor bug. Nope. In System Profiler, OS X is only reporting 1 core. Crap. So after being frusterated with the overburdened, slow, and lack-of-password-remembering Apple forums, there doesn't seem to be anybody reporting this issue. I'm doing an archive and install right now, and hopefully that resolves the issue. More on that later…but next up, my new organizational system