June Report

It''s been a month since my last update, sorry.

Still nothing elaborate, but basically:

I want to blog about anything and everything, BUT I want to use the new version of joleblog but it's not stable or complete enough. In order to stabilize I would need to spend a lot of time working on it, but I have no time for that, which makes me want to blog. Thus, it becomes a vicious cycle.

But hopefully this summer things will simmer down a bit, there won't be any surprise Drama technical events or insane exams to pray through, and I might be able to sit down and code joleblog (assuming I have time when I'm working.)

There are a few little realizations I have had in the past month though.

  1. I really enjoy tech theatre, sound, and video. I've been doing a lot of it, and never have I enjoyed myself so much as these past few weeks doing shows and planning videos. I love working with equipment.
  2. Web Design might not be for me. I entered a web design competition, which I didn't win, (I was up against people who actually have taken web design courses and are two years older than me) but I still found myself wanting to be doing the event next door: video production. I didn't really enjoy doing all the web design.
  3. I have accepted my geekdom more than ever. After reading several articles online about "how to date a geek guy" (google it), I have a renewed sense of self-respect. At times I'll feel a bit lonely or feel like maybe I should try to be less of a geek but when the day wraps up I'll still be back here writing joleblog or or listening to Security Now! and absorbing all that geeky stuff. I have accepted that I suppose, and am enjoying the thought that someday someone else might appreciate me for my geekiness.

In case you didn't catch the first part, joleblog development has been suspended temporarily (although I admit I wanted to suspend it permanently.) Goals have been shifted though. The goal now is :

  • Learn more about PHP, AJAX, and programming
  • Have a cute little blog system for my own website
  • Maybe have something to show people who are interested in my work

I've given up on the idea that somehow it'll be this fabulous efficient blogging system, and that I will use it for all my clients. No. It will never be stable enough for that, and will never be secure enough for that. We'll leave that to textpattern, which I have begun to reuse as my main CMS control for any new clients.

See you soon!