What happened to email?

I've been getting more and more invitations to Facebook these days, and quite frankly I'm sick of it.

I wouldn't mind getting one to see what it's like, compare it to other services, and see what this supposed great thing is all about.

But in general, what I find is that any social networking web application ends up being a remash of the Internet. Everyone begins to develop this irritating habit of sending every message by their favorite social networking messaging service. If you had friends on Nexopia, Facebook, MySpace, you would have to check three different websites PLUS anything else you might be using (or your friends want you to use.)

The fact is, it's a waste of time. I maintain a decent website, with my pictures and what not, and I'm happy with it. I don't feel pressured to release more personal information that I want to, and there's no pressure to post pictures of myself or any of that.

But it all comes down to practicality for me. Why should I maintain a Nexopia, MySpace, and Facebook profile IN ADDITION to a website? Why should I check my "messages" on three different services PLUS my email, of which some people posses multiple. Even then though, there's a major difference here.

In the IM world, most people don't have a problem if they have friends on all different services, because there are tons of clients that do all of them at once. But when it comes to web services, there's no easy way to unite them.

Perhaps that should be a new Web 2.0 project.


_Bickr brings all the bicker and banter of all your ridiculous social networking services into one easy to manage website! Check messages, update profiles, all at the same time!_

So join me, in rejuvenating the world of email and building your own website instead of letting poorly designed MySpace and Facebook profiles take over the Internet. Only check your email, don’t accept Facebook invites.