joleblog 0.7.5 non-release

I have an extremely experimental release of joleblog here that is unstable in all ways. Most of the result pages are just print outs of arrays, so beware, this is only for those who want to play with the new stuff.

What's new you ask?

  • TipiWiki-style markup
  • Entirely restructured file tree, presumably making it more secure
  • Much more reliable posting with the new markup, preventing errors caused by quotations marks
  • Early AJAX attemps for auto-saving (right now it just throws stuff to saves.txt)
  • Easier post manager (in progress)
  • Complete rewrite of pretty much all the code

And quite a few bug fixes. Grab it off Google Code, and please don't use it. Hack it, don't use it. Don't even try to upgrade either, because the I haven't written a converter to upgrade existing data.ini files.

Grap (grab) it here.