Big Organisation Website Planning

Right now I'm working on two different websites for two different organizations, both non-businesses.

It's fascinating to me how slow going these processes are. Unlike a business or enterprise, organizations are like student drivers shoulder-checking three times at each lane change and covering the break on stale green lights. As I work with the administration with these organizations, I begin to see their perspective on things.

Mostly I think of things as easy, quick, simple to do things. Build a website? I can have you up and running in a couple hours, a day for something more elaborate. But the legal, privacy, and representation are all stumbling blocks.

It's too bad really. If they were to think more in terms of "Let's build a nice website, and we'll make it better as we go along" there would be progression instead of just working and having nothing and then having everything, rather than having something and getting to everything.

Perhaps I'm too Web 2.0. Let's make things BETA. Let's release it now and squash bugs later. Maybe I need to rethink things.