Banff Centre 2013

Banff 2013Banff 2013Banff 2013Banff 2013Banff 2013Banff 2013
Banff 2013

Banff 2013, a set on Flickr.

This summer I was very fortunate to be able to serve as Faculty Projection Technologist at the Banff Centre for the Summer Arts Festival. I worked on the Dance Masters ballet program, as well as the Opera as Theatre program’s production of Owen Wingrave.

The Ballet ended up being run off QLab 3, which worked great for the small amount of mapping needed. There were still a few bugs to work out in the new version, but most of them were resolved by the time we opened!

Owen Wingrave arrived on hard drive in Catalyst Media Server, which it was produced in London on. As Catalyst licenses are fairly elusive to obtain in Canada, I opted to transfer it to Watchout 5.5 and play it back on a system courtesy the Vancouver Opera. Also involved in the system was a Vista/Christie Spyder X20, and five Christie Mirage HD20K-J’s, plus a QLab-operated prop MacBook Pro. (Oh and an operating prop television too!). Design by James Adkins.

It was great working at the centre with beautiful surroundings, awesome people, and some really cool gear to play with. Looking forward to going back soon!

Via Flickr:

Adventures at the Banff Centre as Faculty Projection Technologist.