Bearbook breaks 4k users, begins FB Ad Campaign

Congratulations Bearbookers, you’ve done it again! Exceeding all our hopes and dreams, we now have well over 4000 installations of Bearbook on Facebook. It’s been great to see the timetable updates roll in from existing users in preparation for Winter semester as well.

Bearbook broke our Goal-o-meter once again!

In other Bearbook news, we’ve been playing around with Facebook Ads for a day or two. I found some free startup credit online, so if you aren’t already a Bearbook user, you might see it show up on your Ad bar.

Yuri has been hard at work bringing Bearbook into iframe world (we love Facebook…), and we hope to push it out in January. Coming up after that will be some great new features, so stay tuned! Hope you had a great semester, and best of luck on all your exams U of A.