On WP Custom Post Types

So I was hoping to design jole-v3 using WordPress’ latest and greatest Custom Post Types, with customized media types for blog entries, tweets, photos, podcasts, and videos. However I’m beginning to realize the problem with this strategy, particularly at this point in the development cycle.

The new site design revolves around the idea that all my content will be ushered into my personal website for unified and simple browsing of all that exists in the jole atmosphere, however in order to do this, I need a variety of WordPress tools and plugins that will appropriately fetch items from various social media websites. The problem is, most of these plug-ins are not yet custom-post-type aware, or at least not without modification on my behalf. For example, I can have WP-o-matic automatically bring in all my twitpics, but I can’t tell it to save them as “Tweet” post types (at least not yet.)

Before the advent of custom post types, the traditional method of setting up not-so-post-y post types in WP was to simply give them a designated category, and style it appropriately within the theme when you come across it. I’m beginning to realize that perhaps this is still the best way to go at this point in the game, seeing as even the native WordPress environment is a bit confused as to how the various content types will be delivered through theme files.