iPhone 4: Just a phone, says Jobs

If you’ve been following the outrageous communications between Apple’s new PR department and the miffed adopters of the new iPhone 4, you’ll know that there’s apparently a design flaw with the new antenna system of the fancy new phone.

The way Apple’s been reacting suggests to me that this problem was known, but that there are some things that they can do in software to “solve” the issue, such as by recalibrating the signal bars, or even switching to a signal quality meter instead of a signal strength method. There’s probably also an issue with the baseband frequency switching speed, all of which just needs tweaking. That being said, I really don’t think it’s coincidence that for this model Apple just happened to start manufacturing their own overpriced rubber “bumper” which has become the official AppleCare suggestion.

But amid all the chatter is this gem, straight from El Jobso himself in a rather intense conversation between a frustrated customer and Jobs, who has become an unofficial PR department in recent weeks (because really, who’s going to stop him?): “…retire, relax, enjoy your family. It is just a phone. Not worth it.” Oh really? Is this not the phone that coined the term Jesus Phone upon initial launch, only to be called the phone that changes everything, again? Surely Apple doesn’t sit around designing their phones with that level of enthusiasm.

UPDATE: So apparently that didn’t happen at all so you can probably disregard all that ridiculous analysis, but the statement still stands: it really is just a phone.

OTHER UPDATE: Also, Apple is apparently releasing an update to reduce the apparent bars on the iPhone which they were “stunned” to find was inaccurate for years. Ha. Ha. Right. But of course, they’re also “making bars 1, 2 and 3 a bit taller so they will be easier to see,” which just means they aren’t really doing anything besides messing with people. Nice one Apple.

The most fascinating thing about Steve Jobs is how calm, relaxed, yet slightly cynical the guy is behind the veil of Apple secrecy. His statements are incredibly “far out” and airy, sort of like the way Jonny Ive talks about a-loo-min-ee-um. Another point for the Jobs = Ghandi conspiracy. I digress.

Ultimately what struck me this morning about this whole thing is really people, it’s just a phone. Steve Jobs said it, and his will be done, right?