On iPhone 4 in Canada

The iPhone 4 came out about a week ago to great awe and amazement. I have yet to comment on it yet, simply because there wasn’t much to say. Apple has done it yet again, this time truly delivering a revision worth upgrading for, with a fabulous screen, front camera, and wicked power enough to start editing in HD in the palm of your hand.

That being said, I was disappointed to see hear that Canadians would not be in the running to pick one up until “June” according to Apple, but based on demand, I suspect that we won’t be seeing it for even longer than that. Remember how the iPad shipments got pushed back several weeks for International customers? Jobs claimed that this was going to be their “fastest rollout ever” but considering that customers are pounding Apple’s servers just trying to preorder the device, I suspect their will be difficulty staying on schedule.

While New Yorkers have been out of luck if they wanted to find an iPad, I just came back from the Southgate Apple Store in Edmonton and watched a young boy hugging his walking out of the store, so we might be in luck. Nevertheless, these situations suggest that perhaps Apple will need a new strategy for delivering devices rapidly enough. In order to have enough supply they’ll need to ramp up production far in advance of an announcement, and at 600,000 pre-orders/day, it’s going to get harder and harder to make sure launches are timely.