Gallery Updates!

This photo is one of my favourites 🙂 

I realize that I’m not posting enough to the good old jole gallery, which, after all has been the cornerstone of since the very beginning and the “jolephoto” monicker. It occurred to me today that there are a fair amount of people who come to my site to look around, but will just go straight to the gallery out of fear of my technical bloggy goodness, so I might as well keep it fresh for them. 

Often I have photos that I’m quite proud of but that simply don’t have enough energy to go through and name and describe. While names and descriptions would be nice, I’m pretty sure it’s the photo that counts. So moving forward, I’ll be just uploading the pictures as-is with just the plain-jane DSC-o-rama title and (no description). I may however provide a brief update such as this one that describes some of the photos in the upload.

  • The ones from February 2010 are mostly of Snow Valley which lights up overcast skies beautifully with its bright white light. I’m not sure the photos I took did it justice, but I found it pretty neat.
  • Some are from Vancouver such as the one in the post and the trees by the ocean. 
  • The sepia-looking shots are in fact not sepia-adjusted but actually the true colour with all the sodium lights illuminating the night at that time of day. I could adjust them to look white but then they simply look like day shots, so enjoy the feeling of a chilly Edmonton at 7pm. 

I’ve been having urges to rework flickrer a bit, which I may or may not do at some point in the future, but for now just enjoy the photos I’ve dug up from 2009 and a few fresh ones from this month, and look forward to more frequent (albeit less descriptive) photo updates.

Finally, a shout out to the Edmonton Journal Student Photo Contest. Submit one photo from 2009 to the journal for a chance to win some cool prizes! (Students Only). I’ve already submitted mine!