Whiteboard of the Week – 8

So I’m thinking the WotW is quite inversely proportional to my actual thoughts or something, because this was probably the biggest week for me ever, just…learning so much about myself and the world around me, and yet the reflections on the board are far from inspirational. Maybe that’s a good thing, because we can’t have amazing weeks all the time, so most of the time the whiteboards will be good? I’m not sure, but here’s this weeks in all it’s grayscale glory. (I’ve been keeping my camera in B&W mode, and noticing that a lot of other people do too. It’s a good idea: you can focus on the color balance without being distracted. Plus when you shoot in RAW it is still kept color once you download it.



So the main scene here is my closet. I reorganized it recently and thought about the giant multi-function printer thing I have in there that I use exclusively for scanning. (I got it from Kevin, and the printer fails and our house doesn’t need more faxes so…) Anyway essentially everything has sort of grown around it, because I keep all my rolls of tape in it’s paper feeders, and it makes me think of a jungle growing around something abandoned in it. (Notably, the abandoned truck in this book from my childhood.)

To the side in that square is Kevin “steaming” the inkjet heads of our old printer. Inkjet spa.

Some interesting thoughts from this week: WordPress has won my heart. My dream is to have all the websites I manage on my Safari toolbar, so that anytime something needs to be changed I can hit Command-# and be in their admin area. I’m starting with elderadvocates.ca, where I’ll be merging all the documents into a giant RSS feed with a bit of PHP and then importing them into WordPress as posts, then converting them to pages using the lovely p2pConverter. I did notice a glitch with it though: it doesn’t seem to handle converting pages with quotation marks in the title. I suspect there’s an escaping issue in the JavaScript somewhere, because it asks you to confirm changing from page to post. (Which, quite honestly isn’t that necessary considering you can switch it back just as easily…)

I’m pretty sure it’s just as easy to do it right in the SQL database too, which might be more efficient for bulk conversion. 

Have a good week everyone!