Whiteboard of the Week – 1

This Tuesday I bought a whiteboard from Kevin after a long voyage to different Superstores on both of our parts. (Random thought: wouldn’t it be nice to have a stupidity checker? I just wrote that sentence wondering if it made any sense whatsoever and then just kept typing waiting for a squiggly line to indicate to me whether I was being moronic or not…)

Point is I have a whiteboard carefully mounted on my wall. I’ve found that having a large amount of space to just draw, sketch, take notes, and create is quite useful and mind opening. My plan is to not erase the whiteboard until I’ve taken a picture of it, and posted it here under the “Whiteboard of the Week” category. Who knows, things might just get interesting.

So what’s in this week’s whiteboard?

  • Front and center is the wintersaurus, the prehistoric creature that will be showing up on your lawn soon if you live towards in the Northernly parts like I do. As you can see there are some tobogganists enjoying their day on his back. (No, not tobacconists)
  • Up to we have The Running Man. (No not this one.) This running man started out as just a continuous run, but his persistence was interrupted, and thus it is two arrows. This came to me one morning (probably Wednesday…hump day) when I was feeling rather lethargic and realized that I just had to keep going and eventually the end of the week would come.
  • Parachute Man is symbolic of the excellent Coldplay album “Parachutes”. He became tridimensional a few days after I drew him
  • Finally our last creature is a bit of a complexity even to me, one which I can only describe as…Windshield Cat. I mean really, what else do you see in that illustration besides that?
So that’s it for this week’s Whiteboard of the Week. Hopefully I can keep this going longer than all the other things I strive to make “regular.”
P.S. In the writing of this email WordPress seems to have a bug in WebKit that locks up the UI when you try to add a link to text. I would like to thank the dude who forced a draft-save before activating any further UI, because it’s saved my bacon at least thrice.