Updated Layout

So as you may have noticed, the website has been redesigned quite a bit.

Basically after spending way too much time on joleblog/flickrer I decided I would be better off using some well built existing software so that every time I wanted to post something, it didn’t turn into a 4 hour impromptu coding session.

Not totally true really, I’m staying with flickrer for photo management, and then will have Wp-o-matic import them from a custom RSS feeder, where I can then add more details to the photos, but they will still stay in the gallery for legacy and for simpler importing of exif etc. 

I know it’s a bit pathetic. My insistence on using server-lite tools is now a thing of the past. WordPress is the biggest server hog in the world, but the fact is, I’m running on Kevin’s underused enterprise class Dell PowerEdge anyway, so what’s the point in holding back? 

So I now have some nice tagging and category features, and the posts from my blog and the gallery came over very nicely thanks to WordPress’ new RSS import feature.

With any luck, the improved management features will mean more posts and more reliable updates. Oh, and I’m hoping to get a Nikon D40 soon!

I got it! Some shots are below.


UPDATE: So it looks like someone is stealing the classes off my RSS feeds on it’s way into WordPress, so the lightbox is a bit messed at the moment. Fix soon?