Downtime Notice


Well it’s been a good run folks. For over 345 days, the good old Dell Dimension 2200 has been whirring away in the basement of AHTR Headquarters, without a single glitch of downtime, but sadly all things must come to an end.


No, is most definitely not going offline, just a brief time of downtime as AHTR reorganizes it’s power and network structure, and while we’re at it, replace jServer with a bit more modern equipment. (A Dell Optiplex to be precise, and more specs to follow as I receive more information)


Unfortunately, my efforts to convince Trent to delay the upgrade for a few weeks to that I can at least celebrate the one year anniversary of crappy dell desktop uptime, but he’s a bit of a bogon and refuses to wait, so I guess I’ll have to just have to suck it up and be happy with being 20 days short of my goal. (Dang!)


Moving forward, I can only hope that the new machine will be snappier and perhaps perform database querries a bit faster, but I kind of doubt there will be any noticeable difference.


I’ve considered a few options during this time, notably hosting myself on my own connection, or hosting with another company like dreamhost. Of course, dreamhost is no reliability expert, and if you really want reliable hosting you’re going to have to pay for it. As for running it out of my house, I can sort of picture myself subsidizing the Internet bill to get a better connection into the house, but it doesn’t quite compare to what I’m paying for colocation services right now, so I guess I’ll put up with the yearly cable management sprees from trent.


The whole ordeal is going down at 10PM Saturday at last check-in, and with any luck he wont’ fall asleep while doing it and we will be back online by the morning!