iPod Improvements


So I don’t think I’ve given a full review to my iPod Nano yet, but I will make a quick note on some cool features (a complete review is yet to come.)


One neat feature that I really like is the sleep timer. I regularly use my iPod to put me to sleep , and it’s a great way to keep it’s battery alive by the next morning. For those of you unfamiliar, it essentially turns off your iPod after a set time.


Now, by no stretch of the imagination is this a well designed feature. Something it is missing is: exact times, fade out at end of time (nothing like about to fall asleep and it CLIPS right off) but I did notice that if it isn’t going to be able to finish the song in time, it won’t start it, which is pretty neat.


I will complain however, that it no longer displays the time remaining on the playback screen like it did in previous generations.


One thing I never really thought of is just to use an On-The-Go playlist, let it play through, and then just let it put itself to sleep.


Either way, I though it was some neat functionality. Thanks again !