New Website!

So yeah I guess I forgot to blog about this.

  • New Domain: I finally registered and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. For all those Canadians out there who want to register one, beware that you'll have to face CIRA first, this ridiculous Canadian organization that manages all the dot ca's. I encourage the idea of having Canada manage it's own TLDs but they seriously need to resolve some issues.

First of all they don't put any glue on any of the NS servers, so you can't use your own domain to create your nameservers. Plus they limit your number of NSs to 2. I would prefer having 3 NSs at least, but they don't allow that. Sigh…at least once you have a dot-ca you have the option of becoming a member of CIRA, so I suppose I could recommend this to the board, but what a pain.

  • New Website Design: In celebration of the new domain, I redesigned the site a little bit. I know I just updated it, but the whole misaligned left bar and everything was really annoying me. I designed this all myself using the awesome fluid guide from [CSS Tinderbox] It's fully fluid, and I pulled a few tricks to get that header image to be fully scaleable and still look great. In case you haven't noticed, it rotates through a few different pictures of mine.

Also I changed the directory structure up a bit. I now have everything in folders. (I would use mod_rewrite but I'm way too lazy to figure it out.) For anything jole just add a slash. All the feeds and stuff should still work in legacy fashion but you may have to update a bookmark or two (if anybody bookmarks my site…)

And of course if you're sitll using it will still work, but make the move to!

Hope everybody's having a great summer!