Uptime Celebration

So, I know I haven't actually had 93 days of 100% uptime. There have been a few glitches where I accidentally disabled the network interfaces over SSH and some issues beyond my control. (DNS, Internet, which are now much more in my control. I now serve as backup DNS for the AHTR domain.)

So the website hasn't been "Up" per se for the past 93 days, but my crappy little Dell Dimension 2200 has been jetting along it's little fans (and they sure are small) for 93 day straight.

My goal is to keep running throughout the summer, and hopefully make it 120 days. Either way, 93 days is more than any other server at AHTR can claim.

So in celebration, I'm giving away 2 dozen Apple iPhones 8GB.

Just kidding. They aren't even being sold in Canada yet, and I barely have enough money to buy one for myself, but seriously guys, this thing is awesome. If you haven't watched the tour, do so now, you will be even more amazed.

So happy uptime everyone. 2 days until I'm done school, and 6 days until iPhone!