WWDC 2007

So here's what's happened.

  1. Apple has lost it's mind and released Safari for Windows.
  2. Apple announces THE SAME Leopard features at WWDC
  3. Apple redesigns their website

and a few other things…

Obviously you can see my disappointment in seeing Safari on Windows. Sure, it makes sense. You're going to have millions of people in just a few short weeks using iPhones and it would be crazy not to offer a parallel browsing experience on their PCs. And after all, Apple is a great Windows developer.

I'm also not to impressed with the Leopard feature demonstration. They're basically just showing the same features over again, and I wish Jobs would show us the other 280 instead of reshowing us the ones he showed us at MacWorld. I'm still excited for Leopard because while careening around the Leopard mini-site I found some intriguing features, even subtle ones, like a great new DVD player and an improved Terminal.

I also like the new website, well done Apple. It's also great that Leopard will be $129 across the board. Yay.

It's also great that iPhone supports third-party apps. If it turns out I can bring one to Canada, I would probably switch to Rogers and drop the 500 dollars for one.

What I really missed from the Keynote was:

  1. iWork & iLife. Seriously where the duck is Apple's mind here? It's halfway through '07 and you still haven't released new iSuites
  2. ZFS. The revolutionary new Filesystem that Sun themselves declared Apple was going to use wasn't even mentioned to my knowledge. Is it there or did they trash it at the last second?
  3. New Macs. I don't know why I expected new Macs, but I did. I would like to be blown away with something super thin, powerful, and efficient, and I haven't.

Anyways, maybe I'll change my mind after watching the official Keynote video, but right now I'm not impressed Steve. Or did I just set to high of expectations? Oh well…