So I ordered a Dell Axim on…Tuesday? Top-of-the-line x51v on sale for one day only for $150 off of $499 regular price (CAN).

Naturally between the time I ordered it, and the time it will be arriving on my doorstep:

  • Windows Mobile 6 is released
  • Windows Mobile 6 Pocket PC's are called Pocket PC Classic
  • forums report that Dell will be selling out their stock of Axims, and that'll be it for the Axim
  • Just today, one of the Axim models have disappeared off the Dell Website
  • My shipment is still In Transit in the U.S.

Wow. I guess I'm just a Classy guy buying a non-HDSPA or GSM/EDGE phone-pocket PC. I guess I'm just too rational for that kind of market. No, I don't want to lock in for 3 years on a 60 dollar-a-month plan for a device that will be old the day the next model comes out.

There's really no PDA market anymore, which makes sense. Blackberry killed all that. I'm the only person too cheap for the monthly bills. But I'm still looking forward to it! I'll be loading it up with all sort of apps for video, eBooks, remote access, email and other goodies.

I would buy a Palm, but they're dead in the water as much as Pocket PC classic is, and they're devices kinda suck.

When I get a bluetooth phone, I'll be browsing for free too. So who wins?