New Website Feature + jolegallery

You may have noticed the new "On My iTunes…" box on the bottom left-hand corner of the site. I wrote an AppleScript paired with a little PHP that lets the Song/Artist/Album get updated automatically. Mind you, it won't be correct some of the time, because I'm not at my computer, but at least you'll see what I like to listen to!

I wrote it mostly for AHTR Radio because I will be streaming to that more often (hopefully).

In other news, my photo gallery has been coming along quite nicely. It's been really fun to build, and I look forward to demonstrating it. Unlike some of the other stuff I've written, this one I can actually SHOW to people. Anyways I won't keep teasing you for too long. I have a new name for it, which I will announce when I unleash it. As always, the source code will be available for download.