Happy New Year and MacWorld!

Well the New Year is upon us, and we all know that means MacWorld Expo.

There have been many rumors regarding this year's product launch. My expectations are:

  • iTV (or whatever it's called)

  • 802.11n
  • Small Hard Drive
  • Such a ridiculously intuitive interface your socks will start on fire

  • Apple Phone

  • Two Models
  • Small candy-bar format iPod/Phone
  • Larger Video-capable format with PDA capabilities (I HOPE!)
  • Cingular. (What will happen.) Unlocked phone (What I want -> Canada-ness)
  • More sock-burning UI

  • iPod Video Full Screen

  • If it does depart from he clickwheel, I doubt it will be touch-screen.
  • Probably bezel-controlled, where you touch the sides.

  • iWork & iLife

  • iPhoto will have groups like in Aperture (I hope so!)
  • iWork will have an spreadsheet program. If Google can, so can Apple
  • iWeb will be more friendly to developers with FTP support, and raw code editing (Again, I hope!)

  • Leopard

  • Portable home folders on iPod/External Device
  • Some sweet new GUI styling
  • ZFS (so awesome)

I hope that there is some sort of Apple Tablet released, and that the iPhone is released in Canada as well. I really need a WiFi enabled PDA, and I'm thinking of buying a Dell Axim, but I would much prefer it if it integrated well with my Mac.

I've been updating the website a bit, and a new design is coming very soon! Enjoy the countdown! (Get the Widget!)

EDIT: I expect new Displays w/iSights too!