Christmas and Boxing Day Tech Roundup

Well my Boxing Day shopping is done, and my large purchase have cooled down (for now). Here's a roundup of what I got and bought, and what my thoughts of the item were. In order of


This beautiful thing charges my high-capacity batteries in about 15 minutes or less, blasting air to keep those AA's cool. Will CERTAINLY make me more willing to go out and take pictures when my

batteries aren't charged!

Next is my new Logitech Desktop Wireless MX3000 (or something close to that.) Overall, I'd say it's a very nice set. The only downside is that it's not really a Mac keyboard, and having a

Winkey instead of a Command key and all that really throws you off surprisingly. The mouse is awesome though, it has Laser tracking (No, not optical) that works very well on any surface (and I know

they said that about optical, but this thing seriously does well)

I also bought an LCD for external use of my MacBook when I feel in a desktop mood. I bought a Staples brand 17'' model, 1280×1024 resolution with DVI and VGA. It also included a nifty little USB

hub built-in to the stand. For what I paid (230 something) it's kinda crappy. As you can see, one of the pixels is stuck on blue, which I haven't been able to fix yet. The box didn't even include

the screws to attack the base to the monitor, speaking of which, doesn't work very well. Compared to the Dell and Apple monitors I've used before, it's very awkward to adjust, and shakes a bit just

sitting on my desk. I probably wouldn't buy it again, and might even consider returning it because of the broken pixel. However, it is thinner and has more features-per-buck than any of the other

models I compared.

If you're looking for a cheap LCD with decent specs (and DVI) this is for you, but if you have the money, buy a Dell or Apple display.

Finally the Logitech wireless headset I bought off Trent. It's really awesome, the Mic is decent, and I can walk around with it like a cordless phone. (It even has phone jacks on the side for