Holidays Start!

So I finally have two weeks off school! Yay! Meaning lots of fun stuff and time to do cool things on the computer.

Also, just on a side note…my homepage now has Digg articles on it. It's not advertising or anything, but rather PageRank lifter. Google gave me a null PageRank, and after testing out my use of

PHP-included digg feeds on the AHTR Homepage, I realize how much automatic fresh content can be valuable.

What am I talking about? Well Google develops what's called a "PageRank" for every page on the Internet it indexes. This is based on how often it is updated, how many pages with high page rank

link to it, when it was last updated, etc. By adding ever-changing content to my main page, Google thinks I'm changing my website all the time, raising my PageRank.

Hope you don't mind the little links, I find myself clicking the ones on the AHTR homepage quite often, so maybe you'll find something interesting yourself!

Merry Christmas!