Windows Vista

As we approach the launch of Windows Vista this January, I just thought I'd let you know that analyst expect Microsoft to spend an outrageous amount of money promoting it. Most of you know

that Win 2K/Win95 are my most favorite versions of Windows, and as you probably don't recall (you were 3-4 years old) Windows 95 had a huge launch with millions spent promoting it. First off, there's a

couple of videos on YouTube from those days, most noticeable this one:

What I found hilarious was the Compaq 486 that get's flashed for a second which I used to own.

Of course, there were also some who hated of Windows 95. Like this video:

(even more hilarious if you know the real songs)

Now, the question is, even with all this money that Microsoft will be putting into promote Vista, will we really end up with some cool videos like this one that will be a memory of my childhood

for as long as I live:

Or, will we end up with a ad's like this one, still featuring that common Flying Around theme. I noticed that it showed a lot of features in XP that don't actually work. Send photo's by email? As

if. Windows Movie Maker 1 (also shown) was a nightmare, and when they did update it, old projects weren't compatible.

Either way, please Microsoft, don't use Madonna songs in your commercials.