Bogus Solomobile

So….Solomobile used to be cool. It now is not.

Out of the blue they suddenly jack of the prices for sending text messages, which was once their strong point and big

feature, in that it was free.

That came with the fact that Mobile Browser is no longer included. Oh wait? What's that? It is included? No….hmm I couldn't figure it out. Some place it was

marked as included, others not. So I email customer support, easy enough question. Apparently not so. A simple question about whether or not it's included, and I need to send them all my personal

information, and refuse to provide me the answer without it.

I'm deeply saddened by our very pathetic cellular services here in Canada. You would think that with so many companies

that there would be some price competition, but I have yet to see any price changes that weren't upwards. sob.