Whiteboard of the Week – 4


Sorry guys. Unless terrible drawings of hedgehogs interest you, this week’s whiteboard is a bit lame. For the jolewriting impaired, the first line says, “I’m happy (or I have understood, am satisfied) with something when I can sum it up in a sentence.”, something from Tuesday @ 1AM. I would probably be more specific in my more lucid state as “one sentence” rather than “a” sentence, but yeah. This is a bit obvious.

Hedgehog (attempt 1 & 2) was me verifying if I could draw one or not. A long time ago I had found an adorable image of a hand drawn one but I couldn’t remember if I had drawn it or not. I’ll see if I can draw it for next week because it’s coming back to me now, but those were my attempts at the time. From far away attempt 2 looks worse than attempt 1, but attempt 2 definitely is cuter… you know the whole *having eyes* part helps.

The last part was just some notes for a TELUS essay contest. More on that some other time.