Light: Interactive Worship Experience

OverviewThree ProjectorsThree CamerasThree screensPlay timeResponsive Light
ScriptureCamera AnglesLinen ScreenLED ParsCampers ReflectFour Arms
Campers ExploreStitchingRehearsalColor ChangesSetupEquipment

During my time at Gull Lake Centre, I put together an interactive worship experience during Senior Teens 2012. Put together in just a day using equipment on hand, the installation focussed on the theme of “light” in scripture, both in word and in environment.

Three LED PARs lit the room in different colors, and responded to the voices of people sitting in the room, as well as movement on the three video cameras. Verses could be read aloud, which colored the screens. Three video cameras captured movement in a unique way and relayed them to the three projectors.