Apple Headphones Washing Machine Safe?

It seems to break this long period of silence with something so trivial, but it seemed blogworthy.

After forgetting to take the headphones out of my shirt pocket, I realized after the weekend that the shirt had gone through the wash cycle. Not sure if  it went through the dryer too, but it definitely went through the wash, and felt very very clean, but works just fine, distortion free! Not bad Apple, although I wish I could say that they last very long, they seem to withstand *certain* elements…

Things have been busy, as always. I have some photos to upload, but once again I’m stuck in this chicken-before-the-egg dillema of whether to just upload my pictures or optimize my photo management so that it’s easier to do… sigh…

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  • Emily

    my apple headphones went through my washing machine after i left them in my hoodie.

    thank god !