Whiteboard of the Week – 19

This week’s whiteboard… isn’t on a whiteboard, but close enough. Here is what the new jole.ca will look like eventually. I’ve been playing around with Apple Dashcode, an IDE/Environment for developping web apps. I’ve been throwing around the idea of consolidating all my stuff more conveniently to form a central jolemedia network site sort of deal, and Dashcode has impressed me enough to consider building it there.
Here’s a (very) rough sketch of what it will include:
  • Home page with a Facebook-like stream of all the media coming from jole
  • Blog filter
  • Photo filter with enhanced viewing options (other sketches were drawn for that…)
  • Video filter with similar viewing options
  • Podcast filter
  • Tweet filter
By filter I just mean clicking on it will show just those types of content. I’d like to have it so that it’s very web-appy, and work nicely on all them iDevices the kids are using these days, and just in general make it easier and more enjoyable to browse the content I have. Maybe learn a bit of JS along the way!
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