TV Wall 700h servicing

I just performed a quick checkup on the TV Wall setup at EIA. Everything was running quite cool with no burnt out devices or overheating. I realize I didn’t checkup on the DVD equipment tucked away underneath, but they were running smoothly until now.

The three key tasks were to shift the TVs over slightly to improve symmetry (not possible before as we lacked a wooden wedge), flip the light strips to improve continuity and cable management, and adjust the volume on a pair of TVs so that it is audible through the case.

All of it took just under an hour, and I managed to wipe down the static-charged acrylic from dust at the same time.

Reactions have been very positive; as several people shot photos while I was servicing, and the MasterCard saleswoman told us it’s a big hit with travelers. She even picked up a book on McLuhan!

The TV Wall is on display in the departures lounge of the Edmonton International Airport until November 2011.

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