Super Browsing with Lucky Bookmarklet

A while back I made two quick bookmarklets to instantly get to a site I know exists, or find images of on the web.

The first, LUCKY, will prompt for a search, then instantly take me to the first result on Google (this is known as an “I’m Feeling Lucky” search!). For example, if I want to hear a song I like, I can type “youtube my favorite song” which typically gets me straight to the music video. Or, I if I want to see the Wikipedia page on mallards, just type “wiki mallards” and bang, you’re there!

The second, IMG, will just do a search for images on Google and display the results, but is handy in-class to find an image to complement your notes.

On Safari, they’re extra-great because if you put them in the first nine spots in your Bookmarks Bar, you can quickly activate them with Command-#. I’ve put LUCKY and IMG as Command-1 and 2.

Drag these links to your Bookmarks Bar to use them.


Enter text into the dialog to reach the first result on Google immediately (I’m Feeling Lucky). eg. “youtube rick roll” or “wiki ford” or “john mayer”


Enter text into the dialog to reach an image search for the term entered. eg. “joel adria” or “ford fusion” or “cool cars”

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