Production: Livin’ Inside Out

Ok, so I wouldn’t exactly call this a major production in any way, but just like any show it had it’s share of interesting challenges.
The sunday school kids put on a musical at my church, and did a pretty awesome job at it. First Baptist has a great little stage in the basement as part of Jubilee Hall, but almost never gets used. A year or two ago we upgraded the sound system with a fresh amp (which I now know was kind of overkill) and the Mackie DFX•12 shown here. I wasn’t sure it was going to get used much, but the capacity would be there if a band or larger event were to ever take place. Livin’ Inside Out was clearly that event.
I imported the wireless systems from upstairs for the event, and had two of the kids wearing the lapels, which worked surprisingly well. If there isn’t much intensive dancing or anything lapels obviously work just fine. The third guy held a handheld since that’s what we had in stock. A few other soloists simply stepped up to the SM58s I setup at the front as required. (Blocking in this show was not very complex.)
At first it was tough to get the system free of feedback when using the lapels, but I soon realized that it was really just exactly 1kHz that kept ringing back, probably from the design of the room. As soon as I cut that frequency in the 5-band built-in EQ, there were no issues.

QLab is always ready to go. The accompaniment CD was L/R Karaoke/Singing, so I plugged in the right channel into a stereo return which would send it mono to both L/R main mix. The disc was also “tracked” to allow jumping to particular measures in a song for rehearsal purposes, which meant a bit of manual time setup for the various cues so that they ran contiguously. I think there were still a few jerky points that iTunes Gapless Playback would have smoothened more effectively, but QLab let me focus on mixing the show and not pausing the track list before the next song.

The kids mostly just walked up to the mics for their lines/solos, and their height made for convenient placement of the stands on the floor level, which eliminated rumble noise and stage footprint.
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