It’s the OreoBook!

I ordered a dead Black MacBook off eBay for a little under $200 a little while ago, and it finally arrived. I was hoping to do the following:
  • Replace my very blemished LCD backlight with a new display. The bits of standoff that broke over the years got ground into the back of the screen, creating some nasty dark spots on the screen. Since the Blackbook supposedly just got some rain on it, the display should have been fine. (It wasn’t)
  • Replace the plastic bits that are very pwn’d from 4 years of use
  • Replace the optical drive in my MacBook which has issues reading low-grade CD-Rs of all things (DVDs it’s been fine with oddly enough…)
  • Score another battery
  • Score another power adapter
  • Create an OreoBook

I wish there was a new MacBook Pro in that box…
Ah the BlackBook…
“What’s left of the power adapter”

A little dirty, but nothing a little cleaning can’t fix
Third party battery is barely used
Weird reconditioned serial # isn’t the same as on the mobo inside…
10 cycles… really? Hopefully I get some good performance out of this aftermarket little devil.
Oh dear. That’s some serious Thailand dirt in there. Have I mentioned it smells of burnt electronics and Thai food?
“A little rain on it”? ummmm wow this thing really cooked.
Solder smoke!
Found a few of these while cleaning out…gross.
The BlackBook has been beheaded!
Post vacuum…
Oh look, the Leopard Disc stuck inside the optical drive, as promised in the eBay listing!
Uh oh. Pixel pixie dust? Not good.
It’s everywhere!
I guess black pixels creates pixie dust at the bottom and top, but it clears up when you clear the screen. Not cool.
Well THIS is not a nice replacement…
I think I’ll take crappy backlight over pixie dust…
Hours later… the OreoBook emerges, with the BlackBook’s battery, display bezel/case, and optical drive, but WhiteBook’s screen.
It wouldn’t be an OreoBook if the bottom battery weren’t black…
Ok this thing is awesome.
Oh, did I mention I messed up the lid states? It doesn’t know when it’s closed or open. Oh well, that’s been broken for a while now anyway…
Bits of MacBook everywhere… iSight still doesn’t work either, which I may or may not fix at some point down the road.

This was a half-fun half-practical project. I realized that the real reason why I wanted a new MacBook Pro was because I wanted something that didn’t look like crap. So this gives the old MacBook a new look for a fraction of the price, and fixes a few little things along the way like battery life and optical drive issues.

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