Bearbook is Here!


Today Yuri and I are announcing the launch of our first (publicly available) academic tool: Bearbook.


Bearbook was born out of the need to figure out where the heck my friends were in at U of A, and when I could have lunch with them! I hope Bearbook helps you share your timetable with your friends and link up easily throughout the day!


Bearbook lets you:


  • Publish your timetable to your friends
  • See who’s in your classes
  • Find who has a “spare” to grab lunch with
  • Comment, share, and Facebookify your timetable with ease!


Simply upload your Beartracks schedule file into Bearbook and you’re done!


As with any social app, its truly only useful if your friends are on it, so I invite you to share it and publish it to your feed so people can join in. Bearbook is still in beta, but we hope to iron out bugs as we go along. We appreciate your feedback and any comments you may have. Have fun using Bearbook!


If you’re a University of Alberta student, or future U of A student, be sure to check out Bearbook on Facebook!


(Oh, and there’s a nifty little video here: )
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