A Quick Update from the Sheraton Denver…

I’ve spent the last 48 hours poring over all sorts of prepaid cell phone plans and devices, and I finally walked into Wal-Mart to buy something.
I was contemplating either the AT&T GoPhone™ or a T-Mobile Prepaid phone, both of which offered GSM, reasonably coverage, reasonable rates for International horsing around, etc etc.
The Wal-Mart I went to didn’t have the $30 AT&T phone I wanted (with camera for $30 including $15 credit) so I opted for the T-Mobile equivalent for $29.99. It only came with $3.34 worth of credit (exactly 10 minutes of airtime) but I think overall it will be fine, since I didn’t have to pay extra for a fancier phone, and the rates are far more reasonable with T-Mobile (for my purposes anyway: random photo tweeting and texting about.)
Once I got back to the hotel and online, activation was a cinch, although it didn’t seem to activate the “data” portion (for MMS and “My Account” features, etc.) until a few hour later.
I actually really like this phone, despite its cheap feel. (Just placing it on the table sounds like it’s totally hollow–hilarious!)
The display is awful, and the VGA camera is sufficient for my needs.
Anyway, having a good time blasting around the states. Stay tuned to the Twitter feed (or Facebook if you are so kind to be my friend there) for the latest on our little voyage!
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