How-to: Get Rid of the Obnoxiously Large Google Buttons in Safari



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Google has violated my trust and changed my homepage without authorization. There’s a reason why I use Safari instead of Firefox, and that reason involves proper UI elements on webpages. I will not tolerate Google deciding to use asinine -webkit-appearance CSS styles to make them appear the wrong way. Also, the obnoxiously large search text was novel for about 5 minutes until it just got…annoying.

To fix this problem, add the following to your custom style sheet in Safari:


.lsb {
-webkit-appearance: push-button !important;
.lst {
font-size: 12px !important;

.lsb {  -webkit-appearance: push-button !important; }

.lst { font-size: 12px !important; }

You can do this by creating a file, custom.css somewhere on your Mac and then adding these lines to the file in your favorite text editor. Once that’s done, open up Safari > Preferences… > Advanced  and select that file as your “Style sheet.”

Google should be back to it’s normal self again. Now just to fix that horizontal bar that seems to have solidified…

EDIT: To re-fluidize the horizontal bar in the search results, just put this little guy in there too:

#cnt {max-width:none !important;}

The -webkit culprit!

The -webkit culprit!

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  • Yuri

    What if another website uses .lsb or .lst as classes? Firefox has CSS extensions that allow you to restrict your rules to target specific domains.

    • That’s pretty unlikely. It’s even more unlikely that it’s using those classes to style buttons. And it’s even more unlikely that I’ll want to see those buttons ever again.

  • Yuri

    I think I should make all websites use .lsb and .lst classes from now on to style buttons. 😀

  • I think I should make all websites use .lsb and .lst classes from now on to style buttons. :D…

  • Guido Tonini

    What if another website uses .lsb or .lst as classes?
    OK, there’s a solution
    GreaseKit – similar to GreaseMonkey for Firefox – can be installed on Safari to fix annoyances on specific sites, thru customized javascripts.
    I took a pre-confectioned GreaseMonkey script (made by a brave volunteer in record time) for fixing the Google horribilia.
    Few other minutes to make a stub for getting it working on GreaseKit.

    • While it’s possible that this could happen, I wrote this just as a primitive fix. Also, I suspect that with the unavailability of SIMBL/InputManagers in 64-bit Safari (Snow Leopard) that GreaseKit will be coming to an unless they can find another way of extending Safari. Just putting that out there.